Hi friend,I'm Olivia!

i'd be the perfect photographer for you if...

You need someone who's going to take killer photos of your big day and bring allll the jokes, kill it on the dance floor with you and your bridesmaids, and you are not easily offended (just sprinklin' an F-bomb here and an F-bomb there). 

You want photos that feel like your love at its best, but want to skip the awkward poses and stress from choice-overload planning your day. 

You want a wedding photographer who will take the reins, make you feel at ease, and deliver a gallery that will make you ugly cry... out of happiness of course!

this is henry

Henry is my little bundle of joy and germs. His special skills include collecting sticks, dancing to the Beatles, and eating his body weight in baked beans. 

He's giggly, has the cutest little curls in his hair, and never fails to make me melt.

Everything is better when Henry is around and chances are I will talk your ear off about him. Isn't he friggin delish?

Meet the Family

A Cheesy Love Story

The other cutie in this picture is my husband Brent. We met working together as nurses in the same hospital, where we'd both plan these insanely obvious bump-ins just to have the opportunity to flirt. He is the only person I'd want by my side in the zombie apocalypse.)

Full disclosure, I still have a big, huge, giddy, stupid crush and am lucky to raise our little man and do life beside him.

how it all began